BIM to Task List

With more and more buildings being designed with Building Information Modeling (BIM) in 4D, 5D, and 6D, huge amounts of useful data is being digitally created before the building design is sent to the tendering stage.

With the Complete Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform, all asset data from the BIM model is imported into the project management tool, creating a list of assets to be installed which exactly matches the model.

Each asset is imported with a unique identifier, which allows all subsequent work to be booked directly against the asset. Using this method, we can store and retrieve granular detail for the whole lifecycle of any asset in the building Subsequent imports will update the information for each asset, notifying users of changes that need to be signed off.

The asset import will not only pull through basic data like discipline and size, but all data such as location within the building, manufacturer, part number, category. In fact, any data stored against an asset in the BIM model can be pulled through into the Construction Workflow Solution (CWS) project management tool.

Once each asset is available within the CWS tool, contractor packages and sub-packages can be created based on the data attached to each part of the design. Once created, each package can be distributed to multiple contractors within the CWS tool, potentially reducing RFIs by over 90% and allowing highly accurate quotes based on the BIM model.