Built as Designed, Always

The construction industry has recently undergone a revolution in its use of Building Information Modelling, saving hundreds of millions of dollars and countless man-hours through smarter, more collaborative design. Our CLM platform aims to extend this smarter, more collaborative way of working to the entire lifecycle of the building, transforming the way in which you think buildings should be managed.

Our Construction Workflow Solution uses your BIM model as the basis to automatically create and assign Work Packages. These Work Packages utilise fully auditable, real-time project tracking tools to ensure that your building is built as designed, always.

Our CLM platform gives everyone access to the BIM model itself providing maximum visibility and minimising the chance of variance from the design. As everyone is working with the same model, any changes to the design are instantly available guaranteeing that all parties remain informed throughout.

Design variations are not a one-way street and even the best laid plans sometimes have to change or adapt. Our CLM platform handles this with ease as change requests and manual tasks can easily be fed back into the design process to be reviewed and incorporated into the model.

Completely informed decisions become the norm with our CLM platform. All work and all sign-offs can quickly and easily be shown to be compliant ensuring that every stage of the construction process is transparent, honest, and most importantly, as designed.