Built on Blockchain

Building on Blockchain allows us to intrinsically trust the integrity of the data upon which our system, and ultimately your building, relies. Native handling of document versioning and time-stamping, anchored into the most secure network in the world allows us to prove compliance at any moment of time, to any level of detail, to anyone.

Any data format can be uploaded into the Complete Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform, from pictures, to contracts, to entire building models. For every piece of data and any subsequent updates, the CLM will add an entry to the relevant chain, adding a layer of verification to the platform that can be checked by any party.

Storing the pure hash of documents on the blockchain allows for easy data verification, while additionally using fuzzy hashing allows us to easily show the extent to which documents have changed. Digital signatures are utilised to prove the authenticity of a publishing party, so that document origination is assured. When all parties can trust that they are working from the same data, ambiguity and confusion is reduced, allowing everyone to concentrate on tasks which add value to the project.