Contractor Metrics

Keeping track of productivity is of fundamental importance to a project as the number of teams and individuals grows. With the Complete Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform, each individual’s productivity can be tracked giving granular visibility of who the high performers within the project are.

With each worker’s skill level known, work can be apportioned to the individual who is best placed to complete the work on time and on budget, leading to faster delivery times and lower cost for every part of the project.

By using the CLM platform across multiple projects, efficiencies can be achieved by simply selecting the fastest, most accurate contractors from the pool of available labour. Contractor Metrics adds another irrefutable selection criteria to the bidding process, ensuring the highest standards and efficiencies are achieved throughout the project.

The CLM aggregates data across all projects, whether they are new build, refurbishment, extension, service, or maintenance. This huge wealth of knowledge allows CLM to suggest the best contractors for any job. By entering the details of a project into the Facilities Workflow Solution (FWS), expected costs can be generated and contractors suggested, ensuring you get the best value for money every time.