Easy Lifecycle Management

The construction of a building accounts for only 25% of its total lifecycle cost, while the other 75% comes from building operations and maintenance.

With better knowledge of the assets within the building, the total lifecycle cost of maintaining the building can drop significantly. Preventative maintenance and asset refreshes will be suggested by the Facilities Workflow Solution (FWS) tool, which allows facilities managers and building owners to plan projects months or even years before the works begin on site.

Upstream and Downstream connections between assets are stored within the FWS tool, allowing those working on the building’s systems to understand exactly what issues could arise from system changes before any works are undertaken, saving time and money when it comes to perform the tasks.

The FWS tool comes with standard workflows for service, maintenance, and refresh projects but also allows customisation of workflows to suit any organisation’s structure. Multiple sign-off contacts and their Limits of Authority (LoA) can be created within the FWS ensuring no works are undertaken without the correct sign off.