Instant Maintenance Asset List

For buildings constructed with the Construction Workflow Solution (CWS) tool, asset lists are automatically generated for the incumbent facilities management company. All assets are lifted from the BIM model and each asset comes complete with its related data and lifetime history.

Reporting issues with any equipment takes seconds with the Facilities Workflow Solution (FWS) tool. Occupiers and engineers can report issues against any asset in the building using the QR code scanner, asset search function, or by selecting the asset on the building plan generated directly from the up-to-date BIM model.

When all ticket are raised against an asset, maintenance engineers can spend more time performing their duties and less time searching for information. With the FWS tool, every asset comes with an asset history which includes O&M documentation, warranties, manufacturer contact details, lifecycle details, previous maintenance, and any other data pulled from the BIM model or added by users.

When an asset needs replacing, requests for tender can be generated directly from the FWS tool by approved users. All data about the existing asset, including upstream and downstream connections, is included with the request package, ensuring no ambiguity for organisations producing quotes, and removing excessive RFIs.