More Flexible Payments

The BIM Complete Lifecycle Management Platform offers unprecedented insight and certainty into the construction, and maintenance of your building. Through the granular tracking of worker tasks, building assets, and timelines, the CLM platform allows you to feasibly and assuredly offer far more flexible payment options than were before possible.

Our CLM platform utilises Blockchain and Game Theory so you can be sure that the truth, in all aspects of the project, is captured and immutably stored. This eliminates the possibility of contractual disputes and gives you the ability to offer the payment and bonus structures which are right for your project.

The nature of our CLM platform, and the Work Packages which it produces, makes it ideal for offering a wide variety of different payment methods depending on the requirements of each Work Package. Our easy Payment-to-Package assignment dashboard gives you the ability to quickly and easily create a tailored finance solution for every aspect of your project.

We aim to always keep you in the loop when it comes to your project’s financial milestones. As packages move to completion we make sure that the package stakeholders are notified so that invoicing and payment processing can begin as soon as possible. Transparency, at all stages of the process, is assured.